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The Crowns of Albion-Rayonne

Sir Steffan Von Reigsig

Dame Alistrina Amragosso

(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Vicerine - The Canton of Desert Haven

Lady Kathryn Kimsley

(Southern Utah)

Vicerene - Outremar

Her Ladyship Moria

(Southern Nevada)

The Arts Guild
The Imperial
Roper's Guild

The Lands and Guilds...


As in times of old, we also have  king and queen (or an ArchDuke and ArchDuchess in our case) who rule over our lands...but instead of being omnipotent rulers, they are elected by "the Estates" to handle the mundane affairs of running a non-profit chapter of the Adrian Empire as well as head the 'normal' duties any good king and queen would do.


Within the Archduchy: are "Cantons" which are smaller groups that are part of the regional kingdom, but not necessarily in the same geographical area.  Our Archduchy has three cantons, the Canton of Desert Haven, which encompasses all of Washington and Iron Counties of Southern Utah and the Cantons of Outremar and Daione Caillte, which encompasses all of Laughlin and Southern Clark County.  Each canton is headed by a Viceroy or Vicerene, who act as the representative of and, to the Crowns for the Canton.  They are the "middle managers" of the middle ages. This allows people in areas with no 'established' Chapter a chance to play while still receiving support from an established group.


The "Estates" represent the members of Albion-Rayonne.  Each member can belong to an estate and each estate has a vote in how the kingdom is administered.  Unlike a Kingdom or Canton, a house is not tied to a geographic area, but is just a group of members who share intrests.  Each house is led by a Lord or Lady who keep the members of their house informed of the chapter affairs and will vote at the 'estates' meetings on items that effect the chapter at large.  Barons, Counts, and Marquises lead the larger estates.


Guilds are founded by members who wish to share a particular skill or  knowledge with others. Currently our chapter has serveral public guilds...the Imperial Roper's Guild, Mortis, an Imperially recognized mercenary company, the Games guild, and a soon to be established Arts Guild, each dedicated to sharing aspects of medieval life with anyone who wishes to learn.


Vicerene - The Canton of Daione Caillte

HIH Dame Etaine

(Southern Nevada)

The Games Guild


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