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The Games Guild

Lord Hugh Barronmoor (below left)

The Games Guild


We are the Games Guild of the Duchy.  Our passion is to teach the history and rules of period (and pre-period) games.  From Chess, to Bocce, from Ur to Conspirators we strive to share our passion and enjoyment of all things gaming.


If you would like more information period games or just want to let us know if there's a game we missed, drop us a line.  

How important were games to Daily Mideval Life?


Games have always been played by both the uppper and lower classes in all societies.  The Pyramids of Egypt have numorus boards of Nine Men's Morris carved into rock by their workers, and no proper egyptian Pharo would enter the afterlife without a copy of Ur or Senate to accompany him.


Bocce was so popular throughout Mideval England's history Kings would ban it so the common folk would go back to practicing the long bow!


But between 1251 and 1282 it was important enough for Alphonso X (The 1oth), King of Castile to write the first historical games book  This manual is a historical treasure and is the basis for most of our knowledge on mideval games and how they were played.  If there is a "Patron Saint" of our guild, it is he.



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