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The Cantons of Albion-Rayonne


The Canton

of Desert Haven


The Canton of Desert Haven consists of Washington and Iron Counties in Southern Utah.  


We are lead by our Vicerene, Lady Kathryn Kimsley, who represents the crown to the members of our canton.


We meet weekly (between March and Nov.) for fighter practice and once every two months (roughly) at Nisson's Park in Washington Utah.  




Desert Haven

Lady Kathryn Kimsley

(Southern Utah)

The Canton

of Veles


The Canton of Veles is located in Reno, Nevada and is lead by Our Viceroy, His Excellecy, Sir Draco Rivenoak.




Sir Draco Rivenoak

(Reno, Nevada)

The Canton

of Outremar


The Canton of Outremar is located in Laughlin, Nevada.


Our Canton Website:




Her Ladyship Moria

(Laughlin, Nevada)

If your intrested in learning more please inquire!  Remember to put which canton your inquireing about in the Subject line.



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