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The Guilds of Albion-Rayonne


The Imperial Ropers Guild

The Company De Mortis

The Imperial

Ropers Guild


The Imperial Ropers Guild is a sanctioned, national guild of the Adrian Empire dedicated to teaching the historical importance of and the craftsmanship of the Ropers art.  Come learn how historical rope was made and eeven take a peice home with you.



The Games Guild

The Games Guild


Medeival games were iportant enough for Alphonso X (The 1oth), King of Castile to write the first historical games book in the 13th Centry.   This manual is a historical treasure and is the basis for most of our knowledge on mideval games and how they were played.  If there is a "Patron Saint" of our guild, it is he.


Come, join with us and learn the history and play of great medieval (and pre-Medieval) games, such as Chess (both Medieval and "Mad Queen's"), Tafl, Backgammon, Game of the Goose, Shut the Box, and other wonderful, classic games.


Journey with us to strange and exotic lands, meet the fascinating natives, "Kill them" and be "paid" to do it!


Enlist today with 


The Company

De Mortis


We are a band of mercenaries, selling our services in various medieval and renaissance re-creation societies and faires.


We Practice historical fencing - live combat, traditional archery, arts, and crafts.



The Arts Guild

The Arts Guild


The Arts Guild of Albion-Rayonne is composed of Members how specalize in the Arts, Crafts, and non-combat skills of the Medieval and Rennisance Period.  


Come learn the Taylor's art in clothes making, the Caligrapher's art in writing, the magic of Blackwork, the joys of music and dance, and the craft of Medieval cookery.  The Arts guild is decidicated to the education and enjoyement of all non-combat aspects of Medieval life.

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