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The Mission Statement of The Adrian Empire:

The Adrian Empire is dedicated to the study and re-creation of Western European culture between the Viking invasion of England (the year 793) and the end of the reign of King James I of England (the year 1625). Our members work to re-create the arts, skills, and culture of this range of the Medieval and Renaissance eras.




Created from the division of the Kingdom of Albion.  The Archduchy of Albion-Rayonne's capital is Las Vegas, Nevada.  Albion-Rayonne is one of the Empire's Archduchy and one of the hosts of Adria's annual National Steel Tournament.  We are proud of our chapter and look forward to being a strong chapter with a unified voice and vast resources.  Our archers, artisans, combatants, and ministers have opportunities to excel in monthly tourneys and regular demonstrations held in our capital and cantons.  Our regular events include: 12th Night, Hearts and Honour, Fools' War, Boulder City Renaissance Faire, Pirate Feast, Southern Utah Midsummer Renaissance Faire, CCPR Age of Chivalry Fair and National Steel tournament, Day of the Dead, Champions' Tournament, and Yule Feast.

What We Do




Adrians hold regular archery tournaments in historic style. While wooden bows are encouraged, modern bows are allowed if they are not compound and have no sights or counterbalances.  Our archery tournaments allow only wooden shafted arrows. Period crossbow tournaments are currently being studied within the group.  See the Missile Weapons Manual for details.

Archery is also integrated into some combat scenarios using fiberglass safety shafts with specially constructed padded tips and bows with limited power.



Adrians reproduce non-choreographed combat competitions in both one-on-one and group battle scenarios.


Combat takes place in three basic forms:

  • a training form for beginners using slatted bamboo weapons (shinai)

  • rapier-style with a variety of fencing-type weapons

  • heavy armored combat using steel weapons.


Safety is always the top priority. Our rules set parameters for the minimum armor requirements, and limitations on the weapons used, for each form of armed combat.  See the Combat Manual for details.

Arts and Sciences


Adrians strive to re-create various historical arts and sciences.  We research and reproduce objects that existed in period, using period construction techniques whenever possible.  Examples include costuming, cooking, needlework, drawing, bardics (e.g. song and tale), wood and metal working.  See the Arts and Sciences Manual for details.



Ministry service is the administrative side that hold Adria together.  Adrian ministers take sign-ins, track member progress, monitor combat for safety issues, review arts and science projects, and prepare the national newsletter, just to scratch the surface.  If you want to help track or process information behind the scenes or even wear a crown and be the face of a region or the Empire itself, ministry service is for you.  Speak with anyone currently holding a Ministry position, ask questions and offer your help. They should be able to point you in the right direction..

Important Historical Timeline


Events within our period

The Middle Ages

5th to 15th Centuries

1096-1099- First Crusade 

1337 - 1453 The Hundred Years War

The Renaissance

14th to 17th Centuries

1588 - England defeats Spanish Armada at the Battle of Gravelines.  The following year Elizabeth I launched the Counter Armada, under Sir Francis Drake, but it was unsuccessful in its goals, resulting in Phillip II retaining naval superiority

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