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Outremar Double Tournament

May 17, 2015

From the Autocrats:

 Please join us for a beautiful Spring day of fun & frivolity in the wide open lands of Outremar,  May 17th from 10a- 3p. We will be setting up around 9am in Mountain View Park (2610 Needles Hwy, Laughlin, NV 89029), with Sign-ins starting around 9.30a (Adrian Standard Time, of course). We expect Commencement to proceed about 10am, being just a quick run-down of the day's activities & potential prizes; with the Combat Field becoming active by about 10.15a or so.


 Standard site fee of $2 for each month to the coffers, so take care of the last of the Spring months for only $4; membership renewal forms will be available on site, as well. We encourage everyone, whether combatant or not, to bring plenty of fluids, sunscreen, and comfortable seating. Just a reminder that cover will be requested for mundane items.


All entries documented within 1066-1603 will be welcome for Arts and Science and accepted based on judging availability (we're pretty sure of 2 judges that will be present, so far...)


Archery is planned after a respite from the outdoors (restaurants, casinos, mall, stores nearby), so we will reconvene from 5.30p-7p at the Shooting Range near the Run-off Dam )  to hold two rounds of 6 arrows in 90 seconds, with the highest score being the winner (ties will result in a reshoot between the parties tied+ 10' distance). Simple, right!?! )


APRIL Make-up Tournament, Autocrat: M'Lord Kellan Demitul


Shinai combat will be a regular best 2 out of 3 tournament.

Rapier combat scenario will be as follows:

-Both combatants will hold a knotted end of rope that will be 18" (not including knots) taut between them.

-Main Gauche only.                                                                             -Kill Shots only.

-If rope is dropped that combatant is considered dead.            -Best 2 out of 3 wins match.

Side note: the rope can be manipulated by combatants to move the other combatant. (Show restraint not trying to hurt the other fighter)

Steel combat will be a regular best 2 out of 3 tournament.


May Tournament, Autocrat: Sir Ricchar Terrien the Goth


Shanai:  Single Sword Showdown.  Format : Dual Elimination Bracket.  Conventions:  Combatants must keep both hands on the weapon at all times, failure to do so will result in losing a match point.  Scoring will be by “Killing blows only” clean unobstructed strikes to the head or torso are required to score a point.  Matches will be the best two out of three points.  This tournament will also include a secondary prize for “Style and Grace” to be awarded by our panel of judges.  Fight well and die well!


Rapier:  “Inn-counters food fight”:  This Single Elimination tournament will begin with combatants seated at opposite sides of a table.  Weapons located in the corners of the list field.  Any objects on the table may be used by either combatant for either offense or defense, none of the objects are considered lethal.  Objects will be 4 tankards full of water 4 “platters” (inverted Frisbees with ice), to “loaves of bread” (sponges), and a tablecloth.  Combatants must begin impromptu a dialogue that rationalizes their reason to begin mutual combat before the first blow is struck.  Standard scoring applies, one  “scene” per match.  Award given for combat victory as well as “best actor” awarded by panel of judges. “Be sure to entertain us a bit before you die…”


Steel:  The “Well Rounded Robin” tourney.  A round-robin style tournament with the victory conditions being that killing blows do not apply until both the opponent’s arms and legs have been removed first.  Only after removing the offending projections of arms and legs may the opponent be properly slain.  As with all scenarios this event there will be awards for combat victory as well as “Style and Grace” awarded by our panel of judges.


Your Autocrats,

 Sir Terrien                 varangian4 @ yahoo. com   

Kellan Demitul            condemnation11 @ gmail. com


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