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Imperial Orders and Awards:


An Order is defined in the Heraldry manual as:

  1. Bestowed by decision of the Crown or, in some cases, vote of the estates, to individuals. Orders are always bestowed for specific reasons. Persons inducted into an order may call themselves a "companion" or that order.

  2. A group of individuals banded together for some stated purpose, after the manner of medieval knightly orders.


  Our Chapter may grant the following Orders as a local award.

Order of Fleur Azure

This Order grants precedence equal to that of Lord or Lady.

Granted to any member who gives extraordinary service to the Kingdom.

Order of the Sliver Spoon

 This award is given to individuals showing excellence in culinary Arts.

Order of the Spurttle

This is given to those how work so very hard in the kitchens of Albion to ensure that the Feasts are a success.

Order of the Chalice

Given to any Knight that goes beyond the code.

Fleur Azure with Bees

For those with multiple Awards,  a “bee” is added to the award.

Order of the Rose

This is given to those who take the extra time to make sure that everything goes smoothly. This award gives no titles, the recipient may augment their arms with a Rose.

Rising Star of Albion~Rayonne

The Royal Star

This Order grants precedence equal to that of Lord or Lady.

This award is given annually by any Imperial, Kingdom, or Ducal Crown to individuals new to medieval recreation who through their enthusiasm and dedication contributes to the betterment of the Chapter or the Empire and its populace.

Royal Order, Beast of Burden


To honor and award the service of
members who work in and behind the scenes to create a successful empire. 
The Ass is a beast of burden, hardy and sure-footed, and is a symbol of
patience and humility.  Only members who exemplify themselves through service and dedication to the empire shall be considered candidates for this order. 


Two sponsors (Current Crown, Autocrat, Ministers, etc.) will submit a written nomination for a candidate. The members of the Order have thirty days to review the qualifications and notify the Crowns in writing, of their votes. This should provide ample time to research qualifications and decide upon induction, so that the entry to the burdens  may be announced at an Event within the next month.



  1. A commitment to providing service to Chapter without solicitation.

  2. Providing service with positive energy and intentions.

  3. Role modeling "willingness to help" to the younger generation of players, as well as our peers. 

  4. A true and honest love for Adria, nurturing,and helping her grow.

  5. A commitment to keep things simple and to the point.

  6. "Can Do" mentality

  7. Self-indulgence and oppressiveness are prohibited.

  8. If you ever find yourself saying "someone should do something about that", surprise, you have just given yourself an assignment.

  9. We are the Asses, we are that "someone," thus we matter.

Order of the Lion's Pride

Order of the Lions Pride: Given twice per reign to those who work so hard and exemplify chivalry and selflessness. This order gives the bearer the right to agmunt their arms with a Lions head.

The Royal Order of Crown Companions

This Order grants precedence equal to that of Lord
or Lady.

Wears a garter around the upper arm in a color determined by the wearer's ran. If the wearer is eligible for more than one color, only one garter is worn, traditionally the highest or oldest Knightly rank held, but it is generally up to the issuing Crown. This award is given annually by any Imperial, Kingdom, or Ducal Crown to individuals who display high standards of chivalry and good fellowship who by their period activities and demeanor contribute to the enjoyment and realism of events.


The garter colors are as follows:

  • Non-Knight ---White

  • Knight Combatant---Black

  • Knight Artisan---Blue

  • Knight Minister ---Red.

  • Knight Archer ---Green

The Royal Order of the Queen's Guard

This Order grants precedence equal to that of Lord or Lady. 

These are the ancient Arms of the Empire, which
have been retained to honor the most noble and chivalrous of our Combatants.  This award is given
annually by any Imperial, Kingdom, or Ducal Crown to individuals who display extraordinary skill, chivalry, and style on the battlefield.

The Noble Order of the Crown Guard

This Order grants precedence equal to that of Lord or Lady.

This award is given by any Great Estate (Knight Third Level, Founding Viscount, March, or Count/ess Royal) to individuals who display extraordinary examples of courage, chivalry and grace on the battlefield.

Royal Seal of Excellence

The Royal Seal of Excellence is an Imperial Award the honors a guild or group that basically rocks.

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