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Day of the Dead - Oct 31, 2015

DAY OF THE DEAD--20th Anniversary! 

The Kingdom of Glynmore, 
the Archduchy of Albion-Rayonne, 
the Archduchy of Auroch's Fyord, and 
the Great Company Mortis 
cordially invite you 
to die....yet again! 

I can't believe we've been doing this for 20 years!

Day of the Dead, (Our 20th Annual Halloween themed event)
the "Election of the Lord of the Village of the Damned"

October 31st, 2015, Saturday

Archery: CCPR Archery Range at Old Silverbowl Park
Event: Greenbelt of the baseball fields at Old Silverbowl Park

listed as "6800 E Russell Rd", but remember Russell ends at the Stadium--the 
park is actually on Wiesner. So take Boulder Hwy to Galleria, East to 
Weisner, North to the park.

Site fee $2, Plus optional "Treat" fee of $3 or potluck contribution (picnic 
food or Halloween treats for 5 "kids").

08:00am, Archery Sign in and Practice, Old Silverbowl Range

08:30am, Albion-Rayonne September makeup, one round of 6, high score

09:15am, Day of the Dead Archery Tourney (6 arrows, skull target--closest shot 
between the eyes).

10:00am sign in/site fees $2 plus treats (food, soft drinks, candy--to share)

10:30am, Opening Court and Sword Oath

***Arts (Halloween theme) by appointment and the convenience of the 

11:00 Arm and Prepare

***All Tournament Combat will be single encounter--double kills will be mutual 
elimination, no shield***

11:30pm, Steel "Vampire--stake to the heart" Tourney (5' spear, wielded with 2 
hands--thrust to the chest) 

12:00pm, C&T "Zombie" Tourney (single sword--head shot)

12:30pm, Rapier "Ghost" Tourney (single sword--first touch) 

1:00pm, Shinai and Rawlings "It's just a flesh wound" (single sword--kills 
don't count, must take all four limbs)

1:30pm, Shinai Resurection Grand Melee (the annual maze game)

2:30pm, Closing Court, Costume contest, prizes)
3:00pm, Albion-Rayonne September Make-up event, Opening Court

3:15 Arm and Prepare

***All Tournament Combat will be single encounter--double kills will be mutual 
elimination, no shield***

3:30pm, Shinai and Rawlings (single sword)

4:00pm, Rapier (single sword)

4:30pm, C&T (single sword)

5pm, Steel (single sword)

5:30pm, Closing Court

6pm, tear-down and leave site
Event Description:

COSTUME PARTY: First and foremost, this is a fun Event! Please dress in 
costume. Theme: anything pre-1604 AD: man, myth, legend, animal, mundane, or 
supernatural--Make an Effort (dress warmly--the weather will be cool).

GOBLIN PARTY: Children’s activities.

ARCHERY TOURNEY: Special Event for this tournament, one round of 6 arrows: 
the truest “arrow between the eyes” wins.

ARTS TOURNEY: Please submit period arts entries representing All Hallows’ 


RESURRECTION GRAND MELEE: Shinai. We will be having two Grand melees 

This will essentially be split into junior level combatants, and senior level 

When fighters are not participating in Melee they will be required to take a 
cast role

PRIZES for: Sole Survivor (Lord or Lady of the Damned), Best Costume, Best 
Role-playing, Arts, Archery, and Combat Tourneys, Games, and overall best 
death, of course.

VOLUNTEERS: Needed for set-up, tear-down, marshaling, judging, goblin-
mistress, and cast members! 

THE STORY: It's the Day of the Dead, time again for the Village of the Damned 
to select its Lord. According to custom, all contenders enter the contest with 
a sword, three coins, and two resurrections. They pay for what aid they need, 
enter the maze to combat one another and the maze monsters. They may adventure 
alone or in groups--but only one will win.

Each combatant has Shinai-legal combat garb, one shinai, 3 coins, and 3 

No combat is permitted outside the maze. 

The Healer performs 2 resurrections each and will heal limbs for 1 Coin. 
The Mage sells spells for 3 coins.
The Merchant buys weapons for half-price and sells them for the following: 
Swords: 1 coin; Bucklers: 1 coin; Shields: 2 coins; Glaives: 3 coins. 
The Tavern keeper will supply refreshments and information for 1 coin.
The Gambler will dice with you for your coins. 
The Shire Reeve enforces the law. He sends lawbreakers to gaol and
makes his living as best he can (hint, hint). 
The Gypsy Fortune Teller can tell you secrets of the Maze.

In the Maze: 
Combat permitted as per the Adrian Empire Combat Manual. 
You may enter and leave the maze as you wish without crossing walls unless 
you have the appropriate spell or are dead.
You may pick up any equipment or treasure you find in the Maze and use it. 
Some treasure chests are trapped. Please follow ALL directions. 
Only the Ghost and a spell user may pass through walls. The Ghost may pass or 
strike through walls. Any hit sustained by the Ghost will make it dissipate 
for a short period of time before returning. The Maze Monsters guards treasure 
chests. It takes two hits to score one. If killed, another will appear at a 
different treasure chest until the chests are gone. Prisoners of the Maze may 
be rescued, used as lookouts, or open treasure chests. Some have ransoms, 
others are more trouble than they're worth (especially the Thief!).
If you are killed in the maze, you must drop all treasure and equipment 
except your starting weapon, hold your weapon over your head, and proceed 
immediately to the Healer for resurrection (twice, until removed from the 
You may not strike a noncombatant or anyone outside the maze. There will be 
no death from behind. 
Hey, we're dead--but we're honorable.

TELEPORT: You may leave the maze or jail, proceed anywhere outside the Maze.
BANISH: You may order an opponent to proceed to any stated location in the 
game except the Maze or gaol.
HOLD: You may "freeze" an opponent, who must remain in place for a count of 
100. While held, the person may not attack or be attacked.
PASS WALL: Allows the user to cross one wall.
HEAL: Allows the user to heal one limb. Can be cast upon another person.
DROP: Order opponent to drop one specific item.

***This event is a lot of fun, with is something for everyone to do--PLEASE 

Thank you in advance 
Yours in service 

HRM Sir Gwyllum
702 353-4045

HRG Sir Desmond
702 471-8450

Sir William Baine
702 736-0510

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