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Last Court and Coronation

Saturday, November 4th

Here ye! Here ye! Greetings to the great populace of the Adrian Empire! You have been invited to the last court of their Imperial Majesties Chevaliere Gabriele Silverhand and Sir L’bete d’Acmd, and the Imperial Coronation of Prince Desmond and Princess Babette. The Coronation will follow the first day of the imperial estates meeting on Saturday November 4th. 

Please RSVP for the great celebration as our imperial leadership changes hands this November so we can ensure the hunt for the feast is successful enough to feed everyone in attendance. 

The celebration will be held at the Henderson Convention Center, a short 20 minute drive from the hotel where IEM is being held. Rolls sign in will open at 4:30pm and close at 5:15. The last court of their Imperial Majesties Chevaliere Gabriele Silverhand and Sir L’bete d’Acmd will begin promptly at 5:30 pm, with the coronation to follow. 
The spoils of the hunt will be served after the coronation ceremony. 

Please join us for this momentous occasion while we celebrate, feast together, and enjoy some wonderful entertainment. 

Please bring your feast gear and tankards!

Please contact the autocrat (contact listed below) to RSVP your accurate attendance for the event so we can prepare the hunting party. 
The site fee for this event will be $15 for ages 13 and up, $10 for ages 5-13, and ages 5 and under at free. The best method of payment will be cash on site. 

If there are any concerns regarding the menu please contact the autocrat to make arrangements. 

Hors d’oeurves- Olives, cheese, grapes, and bread

Appetizers- Caesar salad

Entrée- Lemon herb roasted chicken (boneless) with Bourbon glazed carrots, and roasted red potatoes

Dessert-Apple roses

- Fudge recipe sharing opportunity- Members of the populace pick your favorite fudge recipe, and bring a cookie sheet full of your favorite recipe to the kitchen to be served at coronation for the populace to enjoy. 

Beverages- There will be only water served. However, this is a wet site, so if you would like something with more flavor in your tankard please feel free to bring it. Please bring your tankards as we will not have any extras to hand out. 

Feel free to bring your banners/flags to the site during set up time (3-430pm) so that your heraldry can be represented during the feast. 

If you have any questions please direct them to Dame Elizabeth Blacksword (Elizabeth Holiday) as the autocrat for November IEM/Coronation. Cell/text- 720-252-7229 or email at . 


Location: Henderson Convention Center

200 South Water Street, Henderson, Nevada 89015


For those who may need a ride from the IEM location to the coronation we are working on a shuttle system. Please notify the autocrat if you need a ride.

We look forward to all of those who may attend this joyous event.


 Dame Elizabeth. 


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